Spring Balancer SB-7K for Newlong NP-7A, NP8, NP-7H, NP7 Crepe tape and NP3-II

This is a spring balancer complete with connecting hook. A spring Balancer supports the weight of the NP-7A bag closer so the operator does not have to carry the weight of the machine all the time. For safety use a chain to suspend the SB-7K spring balancer from the ceiling. Attach the looped end of the curved hanger to the SB-7K tool balancer. Pull the NP-7A Portable bag closer down to a comfortable height to work – the machine will stay at this height but is still flexible by pushing it down from the user. The spring balancer is ideal if you are working and standing in one spot for long periods of time.
Spring Balancer and Hanger can be used with Newlong NP-7A, Fischbein, and other simular portable bag closers. portable bag closers

  • Cable length of the SB-7K spring balancer is approximately 5 feet (1about 1,5 meters)
  • Replacement parts are special order.
  • We always have this item in stock
  • Item number: SB-7K Spring Balancer