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Spring Balancer SB-7K for Newlong NP-7A, NP8, NP-7H, NP7 Crepe tape and NP3-II

This is a spring balancer complete with connecting hook. A spring Balancer supports the weight of the NP-7A bag closer so the operator does not have to carry the weight of the machine all the time. For safety use a chain to suspend the SB-7K spring balancer from the ceiling. Attach the looped end of […]

Newlong Looper 243102 for NP-7A

Newlong Looper for the Newlong NP-7A Portable Bag Closer. The NP-7A is a portable bag closing machine which can be used to close paper bags of potatoes, poly woven bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans and much more. It can also be used to conenct 2 pieces of material together. The looper […]