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Newlong and NLI 244111 Feed Dog for the Newlong NP-7A



Newlong and NLI 244111 Feed Dog for the Newlong NP-7A Portable Bag Closer. The NP-7A is a portable bag closing machine which can be used to close paper bags of potatoes, poly woven bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans.

  • Feed Dog fits the NP-7A, NP7H, NP7 Crepe tape only
  • Feed dog comes up thru the throat plate and transports the bag thru the machine
  • Teeth can get dull down over time – dull teeth result in the bag not transporting the bag correctly. Replace feed dog when teeth do not feel sharp anymore or if you notice the bag is slipping when sewing with the machine..
  • Mounts to the Feed dog Carrier block with 2 screw
  • Stock item
  • Item number: Newlong  244111  Feed Dog for Newlong Np-7A