Trouble Shooting Fischbein Model F

The Fischbein F-Series bag closers are handheld, portable, industrial sewing machines ideal for small volume (4-8 bags/min.) bag closing applications. Weighing only 11 lb., the handheld F-Series can easily sew multi-wall paper, polypropylene, burlap and jute bags. Available F-Series portable bag closing models include: vertical bag sewing, horizontal bag sewing and tape bag sewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also sell machines?
No, we only sells parts direct or via our partner suppliers.

Do you have stock on the items on the website?
Yes, all items are in stock, however, it takes some days to ship them out or collect them from our supplier.

Do you guys do repairs?
No, we do not do repairs, but we can send you to the guys that do repairs.

Do you also ship outside of the United States?
Yes, we also Export to the countries around us like Canada

If i order i do not pay in the shop, why is this?
Many times we need to verify if you have not made an order or you want to order maybe parts that are not yet published on our website. For this reason the webshop is a ways to have a first contact with you, our customer.

Do you also sell other spare parts? For example Brother, Pfaff
We do sell all sorts of spare parts, however, we do not have yet all the spare parts online.

Do you also ship outside Continental USA for the same price?
Yes, but there is a price increase.

Do you only sell brands?
No, we also sell alternatives parts on request for example the needles we have equivelant and compatible needles from other brands available such as Groz Beckert, Schmetz and Organ needle. We always make clear that what you get is the original or an alternative other brand that is tested either for better price of faster availability.

About Liberty Sewing

Liberty sewing sells industrial sewing parts such as Durkopf, Pfaff, Newlong, Union Special and more. Our website just shows a handfull of parts for the sewing machine to give you an impression of what we can offer. Sending us your list of parts and we can check if they are stock or time of availability. 


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Liberty sewing is located in Atlanta, Georgia and ships together with there partners from all over the United States.

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